Our very own water source

Our borehole being repaired.

The Bishop Benoni Ogwal Abwang Library

A gift from God donated through the Presbyterian church in Korea. We thank God for faithful servants.

A quiet and serene learning environment

Our diploma students taking final exams in a stress-free setting.

Students pose for a photo

The director of studies poses for a photo with her beloved students

Farewell service for Rev. Malcolm

Leaving a gap that will be hard to fill at the college, Rev. Malcolm Pritchard will always be a member of our college wherever he may go.

Graduation Ceremony

A cross-section of students that have completed their course

New books for our Library

The director of studies receives new books given to us by our friends and partners

Treating our livestock

At the college, we take care of some goats, chickens and also have farm lands to grow our own food.


At Certificate  and Diploma levels, this is both an academic and a ministerial formation course preparing students for ordained ministry.

The Certificate course is 3 years

The Diploma course is 3 years



This is a 2 semester  course from September to December each year.. It helps develop people entering the ministry as Lay Readers in the church.


This programme has been designed for those who have an interest in working with children and young people to give them an opportunity to play a key role in raising a new generation. This programme offers insight for all who seek to answer the Lord’s longing: “Let the children come to me” (Matthew 19:14).

This course is a response to the dire need for trained and effective Chaplains for various institutions, especially in the schools. The courses aim to offer vocational emphasis in Chaplaincy which develops practical skills and theoretical foundations for those working as Chaplains. It is intended for both lay and ordained individuals with a desire to gain pastoral skills relevant for Chaplaincy ministry.



Message from the new Principal

Message from the new Principal

Praise God, I am delighted to have access to our website, and to welcome you to explore the college virtually through this media Here you will find photographs of our activities, and how to apply for our courses. Please spread the news about the website to your...


Our entry requirements for all courses are as follows:

  1. Certificate: O level with at least a Credit in English
  2. Diploma: A level with 1 Principal Pass
  3. Or a Certificate from an accredited institution


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